The inexpensive, compact, on-site hydrogen generators (HYSERVE series) are designed to easily generate high-purity hydrogen from city gas based on high-performance catalyst technologies refined through many years.

Designed for easy installation and for safe, reliable, unattended operation, Advanced Capital Engineering offers on-site, on-demand industrial gas generators to supply ultrapure hydrogen and oxygen for a variety of applications including: power plant cooling, metal processing, float glass manufacturing, wholesale gas, small chemical, and semiconductor production.

Multiple generators can be used to meet specific gas requirements and redundancy needs. Advanced Capital’s engineering team routinely designs and provides necessary support equipment, piping, and conduit systems for complete hydrogen plants.

We also have a range of Electrolysis Hydrogen Generator systems. These systems typically have smaller flow rates than natural gas reformer hydrogen generators and are best utilised when access to natural gas is limited. Please contact us for more details.

Hydrogen production capacity 30Nm3/h 100Nm3/h 300Nm3/h
Feedstock City gas (13A), LPG City gas (13A), LPG City gas (13A), LPG
Hydrogen purity 99.999 vol% or higher 99.999 vol% or higher 99.999 vol% or higher
Hydrogen (product) pressure 0.70 MPaG or less 0.70 MPaG or less 0.70 MPaG or less
Installation space
(for main unit alone)
2.5mW×2.0mD×2.5mH 3.8mW×2.6mD×2.8mH 7.5mW×3.0mD×3.3mH


1. Compact package design

  • The reforming and purification systems are packaged into one unit to significantly reduce the installation space.
  • The skid mount structure significantly increases the ease of transportation and installation of the unit.
  • The design minimizes heat loss and pressure drop.

2. Low-cost

  • Medium pressure city gas (0.1 MPa or higher) can be used as feedstock, which helps reduce the compression power significantly.
  • The off-gas from PSA is effectively utilized as fuel for the burner of the reformer, which reduces the feed natural gas consumption rate.
  • Standardization of specifications for main equipment contributes to reduction in fabrication cost.
  • The skid mount structure contributes to significant reduction in installation time and cost at customers’ sites.

3. Easy operation

  • The system can be started and stopped with a single button.
  • Daily maintenance is simple and saves labour.
  • Automatic load-following operation is possible within the range of 40 to 100%. Standard-type Hyserve has function that keep Standby operation.
  • Remote monitoring and alert systems ensure quick action against troubles.


What are the benefits of using a hydrogen generator?

Gas Purity: Our systems produce greater than 99.999% purity hydrogen.

Safety: Minimal on-board gases and no sparking components, in addition to an uninterruptible power supply, which ensures system control in the event of a power outage.

Simple Installation: Each system is fully assembled and skid-mounted for trouble-free shipping and simple installation.

Easy Operation: Fully automatic operation with on-board diagnostics, remote monitoring, and operation options.

Longevity: Some generators are still used in production as long as 30 years after installation.

Customer Service: We strive to exceed customer expectations by listening to your needs and by offering industry best service and solutions.

Is it easy to get a generator serviced?
Yes! You can contact one of our internationally located customer service reps, or use our customer service portal to create a new service case.

What utility inputs does my site need to install a hydrogen generator?
We can custom engineer solutions to allow for optimum integration with your existing infrastructure. However, depending on your needs and selected generator model, your site might need electrical power, cooling water, feedwater and a properly constructed foundation.

Where can Hydrogen generators be used?
Our generators can be used in a variety of industries and are designed to meet Class 1 Div 2 Group B requirements.


Power Plants
Hydrogen generators are used at power plants to cool the windings because of hydrogen’s unique properties of low density, high heat capacity and thermal conductivity. Power plant hydrogen generators must be cased for efficiency, safety and reliability.

Oleochemical / Fats and Oils
The food industry uses hydrogen to hydrogenate liquid oils to make edible substances like, shortening, margarine and peanut butter, in addition to non-edible substances like soap, insulation and plastics.

Small Chemical

The chemical processing industry uses hydrogen processing to assist in the manufacture of ammonia and methanol.

Metals Processing
Hydrogen is used in the metals processing industry to form and shape metals, and to also prevent oxidation.

The semiconductor industry requires hydrogen that exceeds 99.999 percent purity for its operations. The hydrogen is used to control the production atmosphere, and is also used as a carrier gas.

Float Glass
Hydrogen is used in float gas production to prevent oxidation in tin baths during the manufacturing process. The resulting glass formed in the hydrogen atmosphere is made without defects.

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