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Nitrogen membranes deliver uncompromising performance within a stainless steal, compact design. By utilizing a proven polymer blend and advanced hollow fiber technology,  Membrane Nitrogen Generator  provide the optimal balance of productivity and recovery for onsite nitrogen supply.

Membranes are made up of asymmetric hollow fibers comprised of a core which is optimized for mechanical strength and a sheath optimized for gas separation. A 6-inch module contains upto half million fibers, which laid end-to-end, would stretch for 300 miles. Membrane modules may contain over 1 million individual hollow fibers that are formed in cross flow and counter flow designs, allowing for flexibility in meeting all pressure drop and performance constraints. Bundles are designed with high performance fibers to allow operations at elevated temperatures and extreme pressures. This allows for higher membrane productivity, fewer membranes and lower system CAPEX.



Membrane Nitrogen Generators generators are suitable for nitrogen flows from 15 nm3/hr to 2500 nm3/hr. For higher flows, we recommend either multiple systems, or Cryogenic Nitrogen Systems.


Purity from 95 to 99.5 % is easily achievable by Membrane Nitrogen oxygen generators, with balance mostly being a mix of inert gases such as oxygen and argon. While this purity is suitable for many applications such as inerting atmospheres, tank blanketing and lowering the oxygen content of an area.  For higher purities than 99.5% please see our PSA Nitrogen Systems


Our Membrane Nitrogen oxygen generators can deliver nitrogen directly at 7barg to 10 barg without an additional booster, making is suitable for most applications. If higher pressure is required by the customer process or for storage, then we supply an additional booster.


Our Nitrogen generators deliver very dry gas, with dew points as low as (-) 70°C.


  • Protect your Nitrogen Generator from harsh environmental conditions – wind, rain, hail, snow, extreme heat.
  • Greatly reduced cost of site works
  • Fast and simple installation and commissioning time
  • Reduced transportation costs and easy maneuverability around site
  • Improved process security over an open skid design.

Our Containerized Nitrogen Generator – Mobile Systems can be seen working on FPSO’s, oil platforms, supply vessels or at onshore facilities throughout Australia, Asia, and the Middle East.

Containerized Nitrogen Generator – Mobile Systems are a fully customized solution that arrive at site complete with Feed Air Compressor and Air filtration system (as required).   They are very easy to operate where by our client simply provide the systems with a power source and Nitrogen manifold.

Ideal as a short to long term rental solution Containerized Nitrogen Generator – Mobile Systems can ease CAPEX pressures on budget conscious projects. Advanced Capital Engineering specializes in the delivery of Containerized Nitrogen Generator – Mobile Systems housed in 40 foot, 20 foot and 10 foot Containers.


Our Membrane Nitrogen Generators are widely used across many industries including:

  • Oil & Gas and Petrochemicals (Pigging, Blanketing, Headspace filling, Pipeline drying)
  • Offshore Platforms & FPSOs
  • Oil cargo ships and oil tankers
  • Fuel Tank Inerting (Petrochemical Complexes, Chemical Factories, Aircrafts)
  • Autoclaves and Furnaces
  • Blanketing for many industries (adhesives, pesticides, agro, pharmaceuticals)
  • Fire prevention (cement, coal mines, mines)
  • Tyre filling (Automotive, Aircrafts, Dumpers, Mine Trucks)

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