Advanced Capital Engineering has a Rental fleet of Containerized Nitrogen Generator Systems housed in 40 foot, 20 foot and 10 foot Containers.  These mobile systems are suitable for many types of applications and can be quickly customized to suit your exact requirements.  Our rental fleet is continually in service with Petronas, Shell, Caltex and many other large commodity producers.

Advanced Capital Engineering specializes in the delivery of Containerized Nitrogen Generator – Mobile Systems housed in 40foot, 20foot and 10foot Containers.

Containerized Nitrogen Generator Systems offer our clients:

  • A Nitrogen Generator process protected from harsh environmental conditions – wind, rain, hail, snow, extreme heat.
  • Greatly reduced cost of site works
  • Fast and simple installation and commissioning time
  • Reduced transportation costs and easy maneuverability around site
  • Improved process security over an open skid design.

Our Containerized Nitrogen Generator – Mobile Systems can be seen working on FPSO’s, oil platforms, supply vessels or at onshore facilities throughout Australia, Asia, and the Middle East.

Containerized Nitrogen Generator – Mobile Systems are a fully customized solution that arrive at site complete with Feed Air Compressor and Air filtration system (as required).   They are very easy to operate where by our client simply provide the systems with a power source and Nitrogen manifold.

Ideal as a short to long term rental solution Containerized Nitrogen Generator – Mobile Systems can ease CAPEX pressures on budget conscious projects.

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